【Video】An Introduction to ATR8300MP- Miniature Raman Microscope Mapping

 Optosky provides miniature Raman microscope integrating benefits of microscope and Raman spectrometer into one instrument. It becomes possible to see micro areas of samples on the computer screen with just a single mouse click. When the sample is visualized in accurate position, the observer scan Raman spectrum under various surface conditions, and synchronous Mapping can be displayed intuitively on the screen in a click. As a result, it takes great convenience to detect micro areas of samples. Combine unique patented conjugate focusing(true confocal) system with accurate image processing algorithm, and it enables a very small sample areas to be analyzed, as well as it requires minimal operator training and maintenance, yet resulting in uniform result not just spectrum.

ATR8300 is equipped with tailor-made objective, and laser spot on the sample becomes very close to diffraction limit, then focal information can be displayed in accurate and intuitive on the screen with 3-megapixel/5-megapixel camera. This configuration improves Raman spectral quality for overcoming the limitations of Raman systems where the focal plane for Raman signal collection is slightly above or below the imaging plane.

ATR8300 works very stable with no moving components of optical path switch, hence it avoids loss off optical path while imaging being formed, and it gains optimized signal for separating imaging formed from Raman signal collection.


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