What is NanoBio 200 Ultra Microvolume UV Vis Spectrophotometer?

Optosky Nanobio analyzer 200

The Optosky Nanobio analyzer allows a ultra volume of 0.5~2μL, and gives an assessment of DNA,RNA, protein and cell.

Optosky Nanobio analyzer offer measure services of





Nanodrop analyzer

The Nanodrop bioanalyzer will read absorbance spectra from 190-1100nm give a quantitative assessment of both nucleic acids and proteins from as little as 0.5μL of sample. No cuvette is necessary.

Nanodrop spectrophotometer Operation

1st, Drop a 0.5-2μL of sample on the test platform.

2nd, Cover test cap to form a liquid column

3rd, Start test items of DNA, RNA, Protein, and Cell, read out test results within 3s.

4th, Open platform cap to swipe out liquid residue left on the test head.

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