Analysis of Hyperspectral Imagery for Oil Spill Detection

The hyperspectral images are used to detect oil spill leak and determine its characteristic features, and then the success of spread or mitigation is predestined.

  The hyperspectral images are used to detect oil spill leak and determine its characteristic features, and then the success of spread or mitigation is predestined. The steps for reaching this goal are as follows:
  a. Predict oil spill spread direction and flow rate characteristics
Hyperspectral image analysis for oil spill must be conducted on time for operational environmental
monitoring. By analyzing airborne HSI temporal image, we can predicts how oil spill spread on water
bodies based on current environmental conditions and which sensitive sites can be affected.
  b. Reorganization of oil spill shoreline properties and intensity
HSI with a high spectral and spatial resolution can be used for detecting shoreline properties and
regions ruined because of leaked oil. Affected environmentally sensitive areas, including wetlands
with shallow water, seagrass, salt marshes, tidal flats, channels, or sandy coastlines with remarkable
biodiversity must be investigated since these areas are environmentally sensitive.
  c. Determination of the contaminant type
The oil characteristic features (e.g., oil types and concentration level) are important and can be employed for selecting the best technique of cleanup process, for estimating environmental
consequences of burning oil, and for modeling the oil leak phenomena (such as predicting the flow path, the speeds of dispersion rates, and time before the slick reaches the beach) . For example, evaporation rate of light oil is faster compared to crude oil, while it could be more poisonous for different marine species. 

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