Raman Demo Presentation at Photonics West 2019

Ongoing Event: SPIE Photonics West 2019

Place: The South Abby Of the Moscone Center,SF,CA,USA

Time: Feb 5~7,2019

Optosky is busy doing demo presentation at booth #3412 of Photonics West 2019 today. The 4th generation of Handheld Raman Instrument has attracted many visitors, Whether specialists or non-specialists can learn to operate ATR6500 in few seconds and identify unknown material. 

How to make a vivid demo presentation at booth? There are different platics materials available at hand, so we use ATR6500 to fast detect spectra of PP, PE, PC. If users need to identify which plastics is beeter for health, It can detect in few seconds with our Raman instrument. Whether specialists or non-specialists can read out accurate results in a few seconds.

In addition, many visitors are interested in microspectrometer for high-performance cost less. Optosky fiber optics spectrometer features two chambers design can seperate optical path from electrical route in order to avoid mutual disturbance. Such design can improve sensitivity and reduce noise. So that we are an ideal choice to provide value-added OEM modular products to customers around the world.

Welcome to stop at our booth #3412 Of PW 2019, the trade fairs is holding till Feb 7. We are always your best partner to cooperate with.

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