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FT-IR Spectrometer
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IR1000-Pro is a FT-NIR process spectrometer for reaction monitoring and control, specifically designed for industrial online application.
The spectrometer, touch-screen industry computer, and PLC module for connecting to DCS are integrated in an integrated to cabinet to an online analysis system. The system offers convenience for industrial online control analysis by independently completing spectral data
gathering, model prediction, and data uploading.

The integrated cabinet can be placed on the desktop, or fixed by a rail frame, and hung on the wall or any other convenient location.
Infrared spectroscopy
Operating humidity Non condensing
Optical fiber interface SMA 905 connector
Storage temperature -10 to 60℃
Light Source High Performance NIR light source
System Window 7/10
ftir spectrometer
Spectral Range 12500 - 4000 cm-1(800 - 2500nm)
Resolution ≤2 cm-1
Interferometer High stability Cube corner interferometer
Beam splitter CaF2
Detector High sensitivity InGaAs 2-stage TE-cooled
Laser Solid laser, 10 year warranty
Communication Ethernet or adaptor to USB2.0
Wave number precision ≤0.02 cm-1
Electrical parameter
Operating temperature 5 to 35℃
  • Spectral Range:11500 - 4000 cm-1(800 - 2500nm)
  • Spectral Resolution≤ 2 cm-1
  • Detector:High sensitivity InGaAs 2-stage TE-cooled Detector
  • Communication interface:Ethernet or adaptor to USB2.0
  • Optical fiber interface :SMA 905 connector
  • Easy to connect fiber coupling and multiplexer
  • One button easy to operate for building modeling at site
  • Online monitor multi components

Chemical industry
Petrochemical industry
Feed industry
Textile industry

What is Infrared Spectroscopy?

Infrared spectroscopy tells the interaction of infrared radiation with matter. 

What is Infrared Spectroscopy used for?

It can be used to identify and study chemical substances in solid, liquid or gas state.

What does Infrared Spectroscopy tell you?

Infrared spectroscopy detect molecule groups based on absorption spectroscopy.

How much does an Infrared Spectroscopy cost?

Contact us for a quote.

How does Infrared Spectroscopy work?

It detect molecule absorption spectrum.

How to choose Infrared Spectroscopy?

1st, Is it a well-established brand with good reputatioon?

2nd, How high performance of Infrared spectrometer?

3rd, How good services of Infrared spectrometers?

Where to buy Infrared Spectroscopy?

Optosky website or local distributors.

Why choose optosky Infrared Spectroscopy?

Optosky is a well-established brand with good reputatioon.

Optosky Infrared spectrometer includes FTIR & ATR

Optosky provides high performance cost less.

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