How is the ground object spectrometer used to measure the reflectivity of urban roads?

Optosky ATP9100 is a new handheld hyperspectral field spectroradiometer that employs spectral range between 300-1100nm, and it's applied to fields of remote sensing measurement, crop monitoring, research of forest and oceanography etc.

In the current urban artificial surface area of the increasing proportion of the situation, especially  need for artificial surface reflectivity monitoring. In this study, we described the results of using geospectrometers to test the reflectivity of urban roads, using the geospectrometer by Optosky, and with the standard whiteboard, the reflectivity test of different types of road surfaces was carried out outdoors, which provided a feasible method for monitoring the ground reflectivity of urban roads.

The experimental process

This experiment uses ATP9100 hand-held geospectrometer, Reflectance measurement experiments were carried out on asphalt, cement, dirt and sidewalk brick in Jimei District, Xiamen. The measurement results are as pictures follow:


In addition to the reflectivity of urban roads in this study, there is also reflectivity of building walls, reflective coatings and building roofs, which all affect the urban heat island effect. Geospectrometers such as the ATP9100 can quickly and accurately measure the reflectivity of objects, which provides a precise and efficient way to measure the reflectivity of urban artificial surfaces, and also provides a way for cities to regulate urban surface reflectivity and adjust to improve the urban heat island effect.


  • High sensitivity, detector quantum efficiency reach up to 60%, NIR sensitivity is 40% higher than traditional PDA detector;
  • Fast measurement speed, each sampling time< 10 ms;
  • Light weight and flexible optic fiber probe;
  • Built in the second order sorting film or filter, high accuracy
  • Dynamic dark current correction, reduce noise;
  • Display probe inclined angles, laser indicator indicates probe direction, easy to adjust;
  • Water proof can avoid damage;
  • Exclusive handheld case easy to carry;
  • Touch screen single control mode and PC software.
  • Easy to carry dedicated case.

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