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scanning grating spectrometer
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ATP7820 is a wide-band range, high-resolution spectrometer launched by 0ptosky  with 20 years of experience in spectrometer development. After 5 years of research and development, ATP7820 uses software control to rotate the grating and perform wavelength scanning to obtain highly accurate spectral measurement results.

The ATP7820 system utilizes a simulation-optimized optical system to ensure high resolution. The ATP7820 series has a variety of inputs, and can use either single point detectors or various array cameras.

ATP7820 has a variety of models with different waveband ranges: 0.2~1.7μm, 0.2~2.5μm, 0.2~5.0μm, 0.2~6.0μm, 0.2~9.0μm, 0.2~13.0μm, which can cover the range from near infrared to mid-far infrared. , just by choosing the appropriate grating, you can have more freedom in selecting wavelength and resolution.

ATP7820 can receive SMA905 optical fiber input light or free space light, and output the measured spectral data through USB2.0 or UART port.

ATP7820 only requires a +12V DC power supply, which is very easy to use. All controls can be controlled electrically through software.

Detector type UV visible: Refrigeration PD, -20℃ Infrared: Cooled detector, the cooling temperature can reach as low as -30ºC
Optical parameter
Working temperature -20°C ~ +45°C
Slit Size 50μm, optional 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 150, 200 μm
Physical parameters
Size 169×112×88 mm
Weight 1200±200g
Electrical parameter
ADC depth 24bit
Data output interface USB 2.0、UART
Power supply 12V DC±5%
Working humidity < 90%RH (No Condensation)
Storage temperature -30°C ~ +70°C
  • 0.2-13.0μm band range;
  • 5 different waveband ranges
  • High SNR and dynamic range;
  • TEC deep cooling detector
  • Built-in chopper and filter (OPTIONAL);
  • Power supply: DC 12V@<3A (max);
  • ADC bit depth: 24 bits;
  • SM905 optical fiber interface or free space input;
  • Multiple types of detectors;
  • Adopt rotating concave grating design;
  • USB2.0 and UART;
  • 15-pin expansion interface, external trigger signal;
  • A variety of accessories are available;
  • Absorption, reflection and transmission spectrum
  • Spectral analysis of high-temperature objects (tail flame)
  • Spectrum of ground objects
  • Infrared spectrum
What is Infrared Spectroscopy?
Infrared spectroscopy tells the interaction of infrared radiation with matter. 

What is Infrared Spectroscopy used for?
It can be used to identify and study chemical substances in solid, liquid or gas state.

What does Infrared Spectroscopy tell you?
Infrared spectroscopy detect molecule groups based on absorption spectroscopy.

How much does an Infrared Spectroscopy cost?
Contact us for a quote.

How does Infrared Spectroscopy work?
It detect molecule absorption spectrum.

How to choose Infrared Spectroscopy?
1st, Is it a well-established brand with good reputatioon?
2nd, How high performance of Infrared spectrometer?
3rd, How good services of Infrared spectrometers?

Where to buy Infrared Spectroscopy?
Optosky website or local distributors.

Why choose optosky Infrared Spectroscopy?
Optosky is a well-established brand with good reputatioon.
Optosky Infrared spectrometer includes FTIR & ATR
Optosky provides high performance cost less.

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