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Raman Spectrometer
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ATRH8500 adds a microscopic hyperspectral imager to the Raman microscope. The instrument is an advanced device that integrates a hyperspectral imaging microscope, an optical microscope and a raman spectrometer. Hyperspectral imaging microscopy and Raman spectrometer can be used to characterize and analyze the surface morphology, reflection hyperspectral imaging and Raman spectrum performance of nanomaterials respectively, thereby providing more comprehensive information on the sample and providing sharp Microscopic image. Users can improve work efficiency, spend more time on data collection and analysis, and truly realize in-situ detection and analysis of samples.

ATRH8500 is equipped with an objective lens specially designed for the Raman system, which makes the laser spot close to the diffraction limit, and then displays the focus information accurately and intuitively on the computer through a 5-megapixel camera. It overcomes the problem in ordinary Raman systems that the focal plane for collecting Raman signals is slightly higher or slightly lower than the actual optimal focal plane, thereby improving the quality of the Raman spectrum.

At the same time, ATRH8500 uses high-performance Raman specially optimized for micro-Raman systems. It is industry-leading in terms of sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio, stability, etc., providing a strong guarantee for Raman research.

Raman Instrument
SNR >6000:1
raman spectrometer
Detector Dynamic Range 13000:1
Focus Method conjugate focus
Laser stability σ/μ <±0.2%
Raman spectrometer Relibility
Spectral Stability σ/μ < 0.5% (COT 8 hours)
Temperature Stability Spectral shift ≤ 1 cm-1 (10~40 ℃)
Raman Spectrometer Laser Parameters
Laser Linewidth 0.08 nm
  • Microscopic hyperspectral imaging, confocal micro-Raman spectroscopy, microscopic imaging;
  • Micro-area positioning device, laser spot alignment and adjustment
  • High power optical positioning system
  • Automatic Raman imaging experiment, automatic focusing, automatic scanning;
  • Broad reflection spectrum imaging measurement (400-1000nm)
  • Automated hyperspectral imaging experiment;
  • SNR Ratio >6000:1
  • Unique software controls switching light path
  • Quickly locate focus position
  • High-quality objective lens5 million cameras
  • Excitation wavelength: 532, 633, 785, 830, 1064nm optional
  • USB2.0
  • Nanoparticles and new materials
  • Universities and research institutes
  • Biology
  • Forensic Medicine Identification
  • material science
  • Medical Immunoassay
  • Agriculture and food identification
  • water pollution analysis
  • Gem and inorganic mineral identification

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