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FT-IR Spectrometer
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ATP8900plus is the FT-IR spectrometer with a resolution of 1cm-1, compact design fit to field application.

It’s widely applied to online in real time monitor industrial gases, identify unknown narcotics , drugs and explosives by force enforcement , identify oil product quality, manufacturer , and gemstones classification , and gemstones classification , relics and museum antiques.

ATP8900plus has strictly satisfied standards of Design Qualification, Installation qualification, Operation Qualification and Performance Qualification verification.

Key Parameters

      ꔷ Michelson interferometer with wear free and reliability of 10 year guaranty, with cube-corner mirror resist mechanical and temperature vibration

      ꔷ Higher stability of optical system is designed with gold mirror improve reflectivity by >5%  than traditionalaluminum mirror.

      ꔷ Super sensitivity and reliable temperature controlled DTGS detectors

      ꔷ Reliable performance of solid laser life up to 10 years

      ꔷ Vacuum cooling ceramic IR light source with high performance

Infrared spectroscopy
SNR 40,000 : 1 1 min sample measurement, 4 cm-1, peak-to-peak
Built-in Li-battery life span >8 hrs
System Windows 10
Power AC220V / 50Hz
ftir spectrometer
Spectral Range 7800~350 cm-1
Resolution <1.0 cm-1
Wave number accuracy < 0.01 cm-1
Software Infrared control,spectrum processing. Quantitative analysis of multi-component samples. Auto inspect software. Advanced macro programming software. online continuous monitor of optical components, say laser light source, sensor , beam splitter so as to ensure best working status. Auto remove air water and CO2.

.      Spectral Range:7800-350cm

.      Spectral Resolution 1cm

.      Solid laser:lifetime >10 years

.      Optical system is designed with gold mirror,improving reflectivity by >5% than traditional aluminum mirror

.       Super sensitivity and reliable temperature controlled DTGS detectors

.      Sliding-type fastener design for quick replacement of ATR, transmission and other modules

.      Can be equipped with tablet PC, battery and carrying case

  • Environmental industry:
    FTIR has been widely applied to environmental monitor, environmental chemistry, and environmental pollution. FTIR can online monitor gas pollution of H2O , NOX(NO2 , NO ,  N2O)  , HF, SO2, CO, HCl, NH3, CO2 etc. Particles in air pollution and their types and concentration. It also can monitor environmental equipment, say vacuum cleaner, desulfurization and depickle equipment.
  • Criminal investigation:
    Fast detect explosives export field evidence in dangerous site, black powder, nitrolite, TNT, hexogen, PETN...
  • Drugs enforcement:  drugs screen morphine, heroin, Cocaine, Ice (crystal methamphetamine), Ketamin, new psychoactive substances (nps).
  • Classification and identification of gemstones and jade. 
  • QC check, materials compliant with standards or not.
  • Identify unknown materials, if the pollution to the material detected can be auto match in the library and know the pollution material name.

What is Infrared Spectroscopy?

Infrared spectroscopy tells the interaction of infrared radiation with matter. 

What is Infrared Spectroscopy used for?

It can be used to identify and study chemical substances in solid, liquid or gas state.

What does Infrared Spectroscopy tell you?

Infrared spectroscopy detect molecule groups based on absorption spectroscopy.

How much does an Infrared Spectroscopy cost?

Contact us for a quote.

How does Infrared Spectroscopy work?

It detect molecule absorption spectrum.

How to choose Infrared Spectroscopy?

1st, Is it a well-established brand with good reputatioon?

2nd, How high performance of Infrared spectrometer?

3rd, How good services of Infrared spectrometers?

Where to buy Infrared Spectroscopy?

Optosky website or local distributors.

Why choose optosky Infrared Spectroscopy?

Optosky is a well-established brand with good reputatioon.

Optosky Infrared spectrometer includes FTIR & ATR

Optosky provides high performance cost less.

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