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UV/SR-Visble Fibers
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It has a step-type refractive index distribution, and the core is made of high-hydroxy quartz material. After a special fiber doping, rod-making and wire drawing process, the transmittance is basically unchanged under long-term ultraviolet light irradiation, with advantages in spectral analysis and ultraviolet laser transmission obvious. This series of products can provide step-type silica fibers with different core diameters, cladding diameters, and coating materials according to customer needs.

Categories: Accessories
Cladding OD 220±3µm , 440±5µm ,660±5µm , customizable
Coating OD 245±10µm , 700±20µm ,960±20µm , customizable
Connector SMA 905
Fiber Core Size 200±3µm , 400±5µm ,600±5µm , customizable
Jacket stainless steel
length 1m,2m......10m,customizable
Numerical aperture 0.22±0.02
Wavelength range 190-1200nm
Operating temperature -40 to 85 °C; -65 to 300 °C
Categories: Accessories

Wavelength Range:190nm - 1200m;

High laser damage threshold;

High temperature range;

Large core diameter;

Good softness and mechanical strength;

Categories: Accessories

Laser transmission;

Spectral detection;

UV lithography;

Medical sensing;

Biological testing;

UV Raman spectroscopy;

UV illuminance monitoring;

High temperature measurement;

Medical diagnosis, etc.

Categories: Accessories

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