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Raman Spectrometer
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ATR62007 is an ultra-thin micro-fiber spectrometer developed by Optosky. It uses high-sensitivity linear CMOS. Optosky specially customized an ultra-low-noise CMOS signal processing circuit, thereby greatly reducing the noise of the sensor and achieving an excellent signal-to-noise ratio (ratio (approximately 2 times higher than similar competitors), and the measurement reliability of ATR62007 has been improved. The measurement results do not change with the ambient temperature, which is the best level in the industry.

ATR62007 can receive SMA905 optical fiber input light or free space light, and output the measured spectral data through USB2.0 or UART port.

ATR62007 only requires a 5V DC power supply or USB power supply, which is very easy to integrate and use.

ATR62007 is very suitable as a spectroscopic module for a handheld Raman spectrometer. As the most professional Raman spectrometer manufacturer, Optosky has written high-performance Raman software for ATR62007, making it very suitable for Raman spectrometer applications.

Detector pixel
Whether the detector is cooled
Categories: Applications
  • Detector: Linear CMOS. 
  • Pixel size: 2048 pixels. 
  • Ultra low noise CCD signal processing circuit
  • Max spectral range: 180-1180 nm. 
  • Spectral resolution: 0.01-1.3 nm.
  • Raman band range and resolution: 200-4000@10cm-1
  • Optical Path: crossed CT. 
  • Integration times: 2ms-130s. 
  • Supply voltage: DC 5V±10% or USB Power 
  • 16 bit, 2MHz A/D Converter. 
  • Interface: USB2.0 (High speed) or UART.
  • 20-pin, double-row, programmable, extendable connector.
Categories: Applications
  • Raman spectrometer
  • Micro and fast spectrophotometer
  • Transmittance detection
Categories: Applications




Linear array CMOS

Detectable range

180-1100 nm

Effective pixel


Pixel dimension


Full-scale range



1300 V/(lx·s)

Dark noise

0.4 mV rms

Optical Parameter

Wavelength range

180-1100 nm (depending on demand)

Optical resolution

0.01-1.3 nm (depends on the slit, spectral range)



Dynamic range


Working temperature

-10  -  45°C

Working humidity

< 90%RH

Optical Configuration

Optical Design

F/4 crossed asymmetrical Czerny-Turner

Incidence slit

5102550100150200 μm optional, other sizes can be customized

Incident Interface

SMA905 connector, free space

Electrical Parameter

Integration time

0.1 ms - 130 second


USB 2.0 or UART

A/D conversion resolution

16 bit

Supply voltage

DC 5 V ±10%

Operating current

0.6 A

Storage temperature

-20°C  to  +70°C

Operating temperature

-10°C  to  +40°C

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