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hyperspectral radiometer
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ATW2310 is a small, highly integrated marine hyperspectral radiometer produced by Aopu Tiancheng, which can monitor water colors of ultraviolet,  visible, and near-infrared wavelengths.
Small size, light weight, and low power consumption make ATW2310 very suitable for handheld and remote online applications.
The ATW2310 family is specially designed to combine high-precision hyperspectral measurement with maximum flexibility. In addition, the modular measurement system reduces costs, provides numerous accessories and customized solutions.
The ATW2310 can be hoisted on a ship or column for remote online monitoring; it is especially suitable for testing in remote places, such as ocean, lake, river and other related water environment monitoring.

Spectral range 190-380nm, 280-500nm, 190-1000nm, 300-1100nm
Channels 1300,1480,1470
Optical parameter
SNR >800:1
Optosky Optical Parameters
Spectral Sampling Interval 0.15,0.17,0.58,0.58
Raman Spectrometer System Parameters
Operating System High stability embedded operating system
Operating temperature -30 – 50 ℃
system parameter
Humidity Range Airtight and waterproof
Electrical parameter
Integration time 1ms ~128 Sec

●Maximum spectral range: 365nm;
●spectral range:400-800nm
●Deep-cooling detector, stable working performance;
●Ultra-high sensitivity sensor; 
●High spectral resolution; 
●High-quality 316 stainless steel housing;
●Maximum working depth: 100 meters; 
●Anti-pollution and anti-adhesion Polymer nano layer
●RS485 long-distance high-reliability transmission; 
●GPS/Beidou dual positioning; 
●Excellent reliability; 
●Intelligent and intuitive operating software, easy to use by non-professionals 
●IP-68 dustproof and waterproof  Industrial protection

Water quality testing  
On-site measurement of ground features, oceans, rivers and lakes, etc.
Water color measurement  
Satellite data verification
Marine biology
Marine climatology

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