What is Spectral solution?
          Optosky Raman solution provides all-spectrum transmittance, absorbance & luminescence measurement, and reflectance measurement etc.

What is Spectral solution used for?
          Spectral solution is used for Raman system, spectrophotometer, spectroradiometer, and luminance spectrometers, also thin-film thickness analysis, Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) analysis, water quality analysis, etc.

What does Spctral solution tell you?
          Spectral solution can measure semiconductor materials, waste gases, water quality, thin-film thickness etc. Spectral solution has been widely applied to spectral analyzer, laboratory, and biomedical analyzer etc.

How much does a Spectral solution cost?
         Optosky Raman spectrometer prices range from USD19,800 to USD59,980 above.

How does Spectral solution work?
         Spectral solution is also made up of fiber optic spectrometer, lasers,  Raman probe and software, monochromic light is generated by laser shoot on the surface of sample happening Raman scattering,  scattering light goes through Raman probe return to optic fiber spectrometer.

How to choose a Spectral solution?
        It's needed to consider transmittance, absorbance & luminescence measurement, and reflectance measurement, which application is suitable? what key parameters of Raman system, such as CCD detector, resolution, SNR, wavelengths, stability, sensitivity etc. Based on your specific application, we can recommend the best-matched Raman microscope to users.

Where to buy Spectral solution?
        Optosky portable dual-band Raman spectrometer can be bought from local distributors, order online or contact online sales.

Why choose Optosky Spectral solution?
  1n, Rich experience with 20-Year experience in developing spectral solution.
  2nd, We are China National Standards drafter of Raman spectrometer.
  3rd, OEM technicians work closely with project process.
  4th,Industry leading warranty guarantee and technical support.
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