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NY2000 is a portable fruit non-destructive sugar meter designed by Optosky based on near-infrared spectroscopy technology. It directly detects fruit sugar content by picking, cutting meat and consuming juice.
NY2000 is very suitable for sugar content monitoring throughout the fruit planting process. It does not damage the appearance of the fruit. It tracks and monitors the sugar content (Brix value) changes during the fruit growth process. It is suitable for fruit research and development, fruit and vegetable planting, maturity monitoring, picking period control, warehousing and transportation, fruit and vegetable series, and price. Grading, etc. provide testing data support and analysis, portable design, environmentally friendly use, and fast measurement. It is one of the necessary testing instruments for orchard growers, fruit testing institutions, fruit chains, and fruit quality control departments.

Portable Apple non-destructive sugar meter
Portable pear non-destructive sugar meter
Portable peach non-destructive sugar meter
Portable tomato non-destructive sugar meter
Portable mango non-destructive sugar meter
Portable strawberry non-destructive sugar meter
Portable grape non-destructive sugar meter
Categories: Food Safety, Applications
Resolution 0.1%
Monitor probes
Measuring Range 10.0% to 18.0%
Measuring host
Measurement accuracy ±1% * Accuracy varies depending on apple variety and measurement environment.
Repeatability ±0.5%
size 61(W)×44(D)×115(H)mm,, 120g (weight excluding parts)
Categories: Food Safety, Applications
  • Non-destructive testing
  • The results are fast, accurate and intuitive;
  • Perfectly fits the surface of the fruit, effectively avoiding measurement errors caused by external light interference;
  • Lightweight and portable, battery powered, available anytime and anywhere;
  • No need for scrubbing and calibration, simple maintenance and low cost;
Categories: Food Safety, Applications
  • Fruit and vegetable cultivation
  • Quality rating
  • Implantation Research School Management
  • Fruit transportation and logistics center
  • life assistant
Categories: Food Safety, Applications

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