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The 4th Generation 785nm Handheld Raman Analyzer (450g)
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ATR6500PH is designed ultra-thin, lightweight, smart handheld Raman system applied in pharmaceutical industry. Optosky handheld Ram Pharm-ID is IQOQPQ compliant,  21 CFR 11 compliant, and cloud platform function enables super pc management on different devices.

The total weight is less than 0.45kg, compact size suit to be operated by a single hand and easy-to-take. It can fast detect pharmaceutical drugs, precursor chemicals, explosives, gemstones, raw materials whether in industries of customs, public safety, lab, factory plant, warehouse, deck. Users can also make fast detect additives, pesticide residues, veterinary drugs residues, etc.

ATR6500PH built-in advanced algorithm can easy to detect any substance, users can also add a spectral library by their own. 

It employs Android system, simple interface, 5.5-inch high-resolution screen, a high-definition double camera of 13-mega and 8-mega, available in keeping a record of field site at any time, built-in WIFI, blue-tooth, GPS, and users can experience intelligent operation.

Technical parameters:
Technique:  Raman Spectra Analysis Technique
Wavelength:   785nm
Spectral range:  200-4000cm-1
Resolution:  10cm-1
Dimension:   176x80x30mm
Pharmaceutical drugs include over 3000 entries:Heroin, Cocaine, Metamfetamine, Ketamin etc.
Self-built library:Users can add a spectral library by their own
Detect Result:  Export informational detect report(detect result, spectra info, picture evident)
Interface:  4G, WiFi, Bluetooth, Micro USB
Power: Chargeable Li-battery, life span:4-6hrs
Operating Temp:   -20-50℃


Non-destructive, Rapid ID, One-touch

Advanced algorithm, mixture detection

HD 5.5-inch capacitive touch screen, superior operation

13-Mega camera & 8-Mega Pixels

Barcode payment scan

Precision GPS positioning

GSM cloud upload

Multi-communication modes of 4G, GPS, GPRS, Bluetooth, WIFI

Export pdf report

Test results marked in tertiary colors

Battery 4-6 hrs continuous operation

Light weight(450g), easy to take;


Data Sheet:

ATR6500PH System

Operative System


Excitation Wavelength

785 ± 0.5nm

Wavenumber Range

200-4000 cm-1


10 cm-1

Touch Screen

5.5", 1920×1080, Multi-point touch control






WIFI, USB Type-C, Bluetooth, GSM



Spectral Library



APIs, excipients…Pharmaceutical Factory

Export Report

Export report including detect result, spectral info, evident pictures


4-6 hour continuous operation

Charging Type

USB Type-C

Operating Temperature

-20 – 50


Substances identification

Minerals Sorting

Experiment research

Antique identification

Gemstone identification

Drugs detection

Are OPTOSKY@ ATR6500PH compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 ?

OPTOSKY: yes, ATR6600PH PHARM-ID is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

Can OPTOSKY@ ATR6500PH can provide IQ/OQ/PQ  validation report?

OPTOSKY: Each unit of demo delivered with 3Q report to verify validation.

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