【Video】ATR6500 (PHARM-ID) Handheld Raman Instrument

OPTOSKY@ ATR6500PH PHARM-IDemploys cellphone charger, Android operative system with 21 CFR 11, IQOQPQ compliant.

PHARM-ID includes a full functions of adding roles & users, polystyrene validation, methods creation,

ID method (unknown materials), Scan method (known materials),

spectral library, audit trail, historical records, online software updates, backup etc.

PHARM-ID is designed for Pharmaceutical industry to detect raw materials, excipient, intermediate, APIs etc. 

HQI,P-value and advanced algorithm support accurate result.

PHARM-ID accessories include device jacket IP-67, hand grip protection, immersion probe, solid and liquid sample cells, polystyrene validation, complete library etc.

All functions run in your palm!

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