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On-line, In-situ, Flow, Full-spectrum Absorbance & Transmittance Analyzer
Product Code: ATP7000


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Detect maximum 44 pieces of samples per time; 

Fully-automated reagent adding; 

Light source: Tungsten halogen or Deuterium halogen; 

Cutting-edge optical path; 

High-sensitivity back-thinned CCD; 

Absorbance range:0.000-3.000 above  repeatability:±1%(A)  

Absorbance stability:photoelectronic shift(A)±0.002(3minutes)  

Absorbance accuracy:±1.0% Linear error:±1.0% 

Embedded miniature thermal printer  

10" TFT touch screen, handwriting input Android 4.4.2 operation system; 

Warn in sound and light

Universities, scientific research lab

Food safety detection

Water quality detection

Metallurgy process control


The third-party lab

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