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LIBS Analyzer
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Precautions for the use of the instrument
  • This instrument is a special laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy elemental analyzer for well logging.
  • This instrument is suitable for analyzing cuttings and core samples obtained from drilling sites and laboratories.
  • This instrument is not suitable for analyzing substances other than the above-mentioned cuttings and cores, such as metals, chemical reagents and other materials.
  • The content of each element measured by this instrument is within the range of the national standard sample.
  • To analyze cuttings or cores by pressing cake, it is recommended to use the mold equipped with this instrument, and the powder particle size should be greater than 150 mesh.
  • Set parameters, all default values, do not need to be modified.
​​​​​​​Sample preparation
  1. The mass of the cuttings sample is not less than 10g.
  2. After the sample was collected, the iron filings in the cuttings were sucked up with a magnet.
  3. The cuttings samples are mainly dried by natural drying method. When drying in an oven, the oven temperature should be controlled at 110 °C.
  1. The vibrating hammer should be made of wear-resistant alloy steel.
  2. The mass of the sample crushed at one time is not less than 10 g.
* Matters needing attention: The crushing equipment should be cleaned before and after each use, and sieved through a 150-mesh standard sieve after crushing.
Pressing the sample
  1. The mold should be made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
  2. The pressure was 5 tons. After reaching the pressure, the pressure was released after maintaining for 15s, and the pressed sample was taken out.
*Precautions: The tableting die needs to be cleaned before use; after tableting, make sure the surface is flat and free of cracks or damage
Test Results
Range:Periodic Table: H~U

Detect limit:Periodic Table : H ~ O (Non-metallic)≤0.1% , Li,Be ,Na≤0.001%, Mg~Ca≤0.1% , Sc~Cd≤0.001%, In~U≤0.1%.





Size & Weight

405x510x430 (screen close)

405x510x660 (screen open)

Weight: 34Kg

425x610x430 (screen close)

425x610x660 (screen open)

Weight: 39Kg

Laser cooling

Air cooling

Intelligent Temp Control

Spectral Range

185-780 nm

180-960 nm

Spectral Resolution

0.10-0.22 nm

0.10-0.22 nm

Mineral Elements

Si, Ca, Al, Mg, etc

Quantitative Analysis

Si, Ca , Al , Mg, S , etc

Quantitative Analysis

Analysis Time

1s-60s adjustable

1s-60s adjustable




Auto Sample Platform



Surface Imaging



Working Voltage

AC  220V

AC  220V

Working Temp

Working Temp: 10-40

Working Humidity60%

Working Temp: 10-40℃

Working Humidity60%

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