What is Infrared Spectroscopy?

Infrared spectroscopy tells the interaction of infrared radiation with matter. 

What is Infrared Spectroscopy used for?

It can be used to identify and study chemical substances in solid, liquid or gas state.

What does Infrared Spectroscopy tell you?

Infrared spectroscopy detect molecule groups based on absorption spectroscopy.

How much does an Infrared Spectroscopy cost?

Contact us for a quote.

How does Infrared Spectroscopy work?

It detect molecule absorption spectrum.

How to choose Infrared Spectroscopy?

1st, Is it a well-established brand with good reputatioon?

2nd, How high performance of Infrared spectrometer?

3rd, How good services of Infrared spectrometers?

Where to buy Infrared Spectroscopy?

Optosky website or local distributors.

Why choose optosky Infrared Spectroscopy?

Optosky is a well-established brand with good reputatioon.

Optosky Infrared spectrometer includes FTIR & ATR

Optosky provides high performance cost less.

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nir spectrometer price
ATP7330 Ultra High Resolution Grating Spectrometer
0.00″W x 0.00″D x 0.00″H
ATP7330 is an ultra-high resolution spectrometer developed by Optosky with 20 years of spectrometer ..
Near Infrared Spectrometer
13.00″W x 16.90″D x 5.00″H
ATP8000-5-26 is self-developed by Optosky to replace NIR Quest features competing performance cost l..
nir spectrometer factory
Deep Cooled NIR Spectrometer
13.00″W x 16.90″D x 5.00″H
ATP8000-5-26 is self-developed by Optosky for higher performance NIR spectrometer, 900-2600nm NIR, N..
near infrared spectrometer
ATP8730 High Resolution NIR spectrometer
75.00″W x 200.00″D x 50.00″H
         ATP8730 is an ultra-high-resolution, ultra-high-speed, short-..
optical detector
ATP8250 Mid-IR Spectrometer
1.60″W x 2.40″D x 1.30″H
Mid-IR Spectrometer employs smart size, and it employs 256pixels pyroelectric linear array sensor, a..
Chinese first spectrometer;
ATP8500 Portable NIR Grain Analyzer
0.00″W x 0.00″D x 0.00″H
ATP8500 NIR Grain Analyzer is designed for the analysis of grain and oil crops. Based on the princip..
ftir spectrometer cost
FT-IR Spectrometer
265.00″W x 355.00″D x 160.00″H
ATP8900 FT-IR spectrometer employs high-performance-to-price ratio, considerated users app..
Attenuated Total Reflection Spectrometer
MIR ATR Spectrometer
85.00″W x 106.00″D x 30.00″H
ATR9000(Old Model: ATP8200)is developed by Optosky(Attenuated Total Reflection, ATR), built-in MEMS ..
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