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Handheld LIBS Analyzer
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1.Advanced Industrial Application

Handheld LIBS Analyzer as the most fast and effective tool used to field manufacturing industry. It can detect alloy materials grades during the production in order to prevent incorrect materials from being used and improve production management.

2.Detect Stainless Steel, Aluminum Alloy

It can detect grades of stainless steel & aluminum alloy, 

element content in quantitative and qualitative, 

such as Aluminum 6061 vs 6063, Magnesium content(Mg), 

Manganese content (Mn)  in accurate detect.

3.Detect Cast Aluminum,Zinc Alloy 

It can detect silicon element & copper element of cast aluminum in quantitative, analyze silicon and copper content of ADC12 or ADC14 meeting standard, and also can detect incoming material of Zinc alloy.


High energy pulse safe-laser technology is applied to ensure radiance free from X-ray fluorescence. Since laser light pass across optical path to gather together without collimating again, and it can not danger eyes in normal operation. Reliable pulsed laser life span can reach up to the millionth times.

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No wearing parts

2-year Warranty


Water & Dust Proof

Long battery


Categories: LIBS


Field Production

Alloy Materials

Stainless Steel

Cast Aluminum

Zinc Alloy

Element Content

Silicon Content

Copper Cotent

Maganisium Content

Manganese Content

Quanlitative & Quantitative

Categories: LIBS

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