General-purpose spectrometers ATP2000P can be configured for fluorescence, transmittance, reflectance, spectrophotometer. and biochemical analysis, they can be applied to lab, field, process and OEM application. Optional gratings, slits range allows users to customize solutions for the specific project. Its sensor is a 2048 pixel CCD which response from 200-1100 nm. Wavelengths range include 350nm-800nm,190nm-380nm,200nm-850nm,300nm-1100nm,200nm-1000nm.

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200-1100nm Low-noise Spectrometer
200-1000nm High-speed UV-Vis Spectrometer
5.80″W x 7.80″D x 2.60″H
Optosky ATP2000H UV-Vis spectrometer is a low-noise, high-performance, high flame speed(Available in..
200-1100nm Low-noise Spectrometer
200-1000nm Popular UV-Vis Spectrometer
5.80″W x 7.80″D x 2.60″H
Optosky ATP2000P has a low-noise, high-performance, and cost-effective. The sensor used 2048 pixel C..
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