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Miniature Field Spectroradiometer 2
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   Optosky ATP9101 is a new handheld hyperspectral field spectroradiometer that employs spectral range between 350-940nm, and it's applied to fields of remote sensing measurement, crop monitoring, research of forest and
oceanography etc.
   Optosky ATP9101 field spectroradiometer employs high performance, fast and accurate measurement, easy to operate and held etc. It's configured powerful software package, and applied to measurement of reflectance, radiometry, photometry and colorimetry.

Detector type 2048x14 pixels, back-thinned CCD
field spectroradiometer
Accessories Standard accessories: 1. 5V/2A Power Adaptor 2. USB cable; 3. Optic fiber 1.2M 3. Diffuse reflection standard white board; 4. Wide angle probe 5. Wide angle probe 7. Case 8. Dedicated software Optional accessories: 1.Tungsten source box 2.12V/3A Power adaptor 3.Holder 4.Integration Sphere 5.Cuvette for transmittance and reflectance measurement 6.Small FOV lens: 1º/3º/5º/8º/10º optional;
Spectral Range 300-1100nm
Spectral Resolution 1.4@300-1100nm
Spectral sampling (bandwidth) 0.6nm
Weight 1.1kg
wavelength accuracy ±0.5nm
Wavelength reproducibility ± 0.3 nm @ ± 10 °C ( Temp change )
Size 151×157×85mm
Optical parameter
Working humidity 0°C ~ 40 °C(working status)
Electrical parameter
Integration time minimum: 2.2ms

High sensitivity, detector quantum efficiency reach up to 60%, NIR sensitivity is 40% higher than traditional PDA detector ;

Fast measurement speed, each sampling time< 10 ms;

Light weight and flexible optic fiber probe;

Built in the second order sorting film or filter, high accuracy

Dynamic dark current correction, reduce noise;

Display probe inclined angles, laser indicator indicates probe direction, easy to adjust;

Water proof can avoid damage;

Exclusive handheld case easy to carry.

Touch screen single control mode and PC software


Atmosphere Research
Field Spectrum Measure
Plant Physiology
Agriculture & Forest
Crop Research
Landscape Ecology and Ecology Research 

Geological survey:

Geology or mineral analysis
Field Validation
Light Energy Measure
Source Research
Multi-Spectral Field Validation
Soil Research

Climate monitoring:
Environment Damage Evaluation
Field Validation
Spectral Remote Control
Ice and snow research
Spectral radiation brightness calibration
Hyperspectral Remote Sensing

What is Field Spectroradiometer?
Field Spectroradiometer is an equipment  features fast, accurate, easy-to-operate, flexible to bring to anywhere, it's configured powerful software package, it is widely  used to measure reflectance, transmittance, and also measure  iradiation and optics.
It is built-in mechanical shuttle,  dark current in real time and dynamic calibration, reduce to environment changes.  
spectral Range is: 350-940nm

What is Field Spectroradiometer used for?
Field Spectroradiometer is used to measure the ground objects and use a spectrometer to measure the reflectance light.
What does Field Spectroradiometer tell you?
Field Spectroradiometer is compact with complete functions, it's applied to fields of remote sensing measurement , crop monitoring ,research of forest and oceanography.

How much does a handheld Raman cost?
Field Spectroradiometer prices range from USD15,000 to USD30,000 according to the specifical model .

How does Field Spectroradiometer work?
Field spectroradiometer looks like our eyes look at the objects, and the sun shoot on the object and reflect lights on the fieldspec, because fieldspec resolution has 10 thousands of times higher than the eyes that can show the reflectance spectrum. Why is called field spectroradiometer?  There are three important factors. Firstly is the sun is the light source and 2nd, this spectrometer is called fieldspectroradiometer, 3rd, measure reflectance. 

How to choose a Field Spectroradiometer?   
Users can choose field spectroradiometer according to  manufacturer technology capabilities, CCD detector brand and model, resolution, SNR, wavelengths, stability, sensitivity, mixture identification, and algorithm etc. and we also very pleased to give  advice to help you find most suitable instrument for your applications. 

Where to buy Field Spectroradiometer?
Optosky field spectroradiometer  is available in local distributors, online shop or inquire us.

Why choose Optosky handheld Raman?
    1st, the most lightweight(120g ),
    2nd, wide spectral Range: 350-940nm,
    3rd, Accurate wavelength
    4th, measure angle is visible
    5th, the best resolution: 2.5nm
    6th, the lowest cost

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