Raman Technology to Identify the Chirality of Astaxanthin

  The study proposes a new method for distinguishing different chiral isomers astaxanthin molecules using Raman spectroscopy.And learn how to use ATR3000FD  portable Raman analyzer  to study astaxanthin chiral isomers?

    Studies have shown that astaxanthin with different chiral isomers has different biological activities and functions. For example, L-astaxanthin has higher antioxidant and anti-aging activities than dextrorotatory and meso astaxanthin. It can be seen that it is very important to recognize the chiral isomers of astaxanthin. At present, there are few techniques for distinguishing chiral isomers, and high performance liquid chromatography is generally used for identification, but its analysis takes a long time and requires a large amount of sample. Therefore, it is necessary to explore new technologies to identify the chiral isomers of astaxanthin.

  The structure and Raman spectra of different chiral isomers astaxanthin molecules, recommend to use ATR3000FD portable Raman analyzer:


  Therefore, how to use Raman spectroscopy to study astaxanthin chiral isomers?

  Researchers use Raman spectroscopy to propose a method to distinguish between left-handed, right-handed and meso all-trans astaxanthin. The study found that the relative intensity of different chiral isomers astaxanthin in the 1190 cm-1 and 1215 cm-1 bands was different by using Raman spectroscopy. This intensity analysis can quickly identify the three chiral isomers of shrimp Penicillin. Combined with calculation and analysis, the study speculates that these three chiral isomers astaxanthins are in different crystal forms due to different intermolecular interactions, and because the conformations of the three molecules no longer maintain mirror symmetry, the Raman spectra are different.

ATR3000FD uses SERS Raman Spectrometer technology, professional fast identification, in-field detect food pesticide residues, veterinary drugs residues, non-edible chemical substance, abuse of food additives etc.As many as 140 models detected, including drugs, dietary supplement, cosmetics, chemicals, detect limits reach up to ppb level. Accurate auto-identification algorithm,no manual readout required, also high performance, high stable SERS enhanced reagent, life span over 1 year. Sample state:Solid, powder, thin film, liquid.


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