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1064nm Miniature Raman Microscope (Mapping)
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Optosky Raman microscope combines the benefits of microscope and Raman spectrometer. It becomes possible to see macro or micro areas of samples on the computer screen with just a single mouse click. When accurate positioning is visualized, the observer can detect Raman signals under various surface conditions, and synchronized Mapping can be displayed intuitively on the screen at one click operation. As a result, it provides great convenience to detect micro or macro areas of samples. Combine unique patented conjugate focusing(true confocal) system with accurate image processing algorithm, and it enables a very small sample area to be analyzed, as well as it requires minimal operator training and maintenance, yet resulting in uniform result not just spectra.

ATR8300 is equipped with tailor-made objective, and a laser spot on the sample becomes very close to the diffraction limit, then focal information can be displayed accurate and intuitive on the screen with the 3-megapixel camera. This configuration improves Raman spectral quality for overcoming the limitations of Raman systems where the focal plane for Raman signal collection is slightly above or below the imaging plane.

ATR8300 works stably with no moving components of optical path switch, hence it avoids loss of the optical path while imaging formed, and it gains an optimized signal for separating imaging formed from Raman signal collection.

2.Optical Performance:

2.1 Spectrum showing

2.2.Raman Resolution:

2.3 Reliability

Fig3.1, Fig3.2 temperature stability is measured by ATR8300, keep stable above an hour for each temperature node ranging between 5-40℃. Sample measured is acetonitrile, wavenumbers shift≤1cm-1(Fig 3.1), peak top intensity change < 10%(Fig 3.2)

ATR8300 Raman Microscope Mapping

Excitation wavelength

785 nm  (532,830,1064 nm options)

Spectral resolution

4 cm-1

Spectral range

200-2700, 200-3800 cm-1

available in customer wavelengths range down to 50 cm-1)

Maximum laser output

500mW (Max. 100mW for 532nm)

Spectral Stability

σ/μ < 0.5%  (COT 8 hours)

Thermal stability

Spectral shift ≤ 1 cm-1 (10-40 )

SN ratio



TE cooled, semiconductor laser,
2048*64 pixel, back-thinned, IR enhanced CCD
InGaAS cooled for 1064nm

wavelength range detected


Pixel size

14 μm * 14 μm

Dynamic range


Laser center wavelength

785nm (+/-0.5nm)

Microscope camera

3-megapixel /5-megapixel camera


True confocal

Laser output

>550mW software adjustable

laser spot diameter


Laser stability

σ/μ <±0.2%

Laser linewidth

0.08 nm



Electrical controlled X,Y axis 2D platform

moving range

5 X 5 cm

moving resolution


positioning accuracy


Z axisautomated focusing

focusing accuracy


focusing speed

≤10 s


Fully-automated Raman experiment, auto-focusing, auto-scan 

Ultra-high sensitivity, SNR>6000:1

True confocal, accurate Raman mapping

Ultra-high spatial resolution

Unique software controlled to switch optical path

Ultra-high stability

Brand optical element, excellent performance

Fast positioning, quickly locate the focal position

High-quality objective, micro spot

3-megapixel camera, crisp clear images

Excitation wavelength(Optional): 532、785、830、1064

High-performance spectrometer configured

USB2.0 in direct connect with PC


Nano particles and new materials

Science research Institutions 


Forensic identification

Material science

Medical immunology analysis

Agriculture and food safety

Waste water analysis

Gemstones and inorganic minerals identification

Environmental science

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