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785nm Auto-focus Raman Microscope
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ATR8300AF combines the advantages of the microscope and  Raman spectrometer. It features auto-focusing that is possible to see macro or micro areas of samples on the computer screen at just a single mouse click. When accurate positioning is visualized, the observer can detect Raman signals under various surface conditions, and synchronized Mapping can be displayed intuitively on the screen at one click operation. As a result, it provides great convenience to detect micro or macro areas of samples. Combine unique patented conjugate focusing(true confocal) system with accurate image processing algorithm, and it enables a very small sample area to be analyzed, as well as it requires minimal operator training and maintenance, yet resulting in uniform result not just spectra.

ATR8300AF is configured with tailor-made objective, and a laser spot on the sample becomes very close to the diffraction limit, then focal information can be displayed accurate and intuitive on the screen with a 3-megapixel camera. This configuration improves Raman spectral quality for overcoming the limitations of Raman systems where the focal plane for Raman signal collection is slightly above or below the images plane.

ATR8300 works stable with no moving components of optical path switch, hence it avoids loss of the optical path while images formed, and it gains an optimized signal from separating images formed from Raman signal collection.

Optosky provides an industry-leading level of miniature Raman microscope, it can easily collect Raman spectrum in different locations, check if the material nature is uniform or not, and Raman image can be formed on the screen.

2.Optical Performance:

2.1 Spectrum showing:

2.2 Raman resolution:

2.3 Reliability

Fig3.1, Fig3.2 temperature stability is measured by ATR8300, keep stable above an hour for each temperature node ranging between 5-40℃. Sample measured is acetonitrile, wavenumbers shift≤1cm-1(Fig 3.1), peak top intensity change < 10%(Fig 3.2)

3. Order guide:

Model number

Wave lengthnm

Laser powermW


















Available in custom wavelength



Spectral Resolution 5 cm-1
Raman Instrument
Spectral Range 200-3800、150-2600 cm(Other wave ranges can be customized to a minimum of 50cm-1
Thermal Stability Spectral shift≤1 cm-1(10-40 ℃)
Detector TEC refrigeration 2048 pixel CCD
SNR >5000:1
Pixel Size 14μm*500μm
Microscope Camera 3-megapixel /5-megapixel camera
Spectral raliability σ/μ < 0.5% (COT 8 hours)
Dynamic Range 10000:1
Focusing Conjugate focus
Laser Spot Diameter >1μm
Laser Stability σ/μ <±0.2%
Laser Linewidth 0.1nm
Connectivity USB2.0
Optical parameter
Wavelength range 200nm-1100nm

ATR8300AF Automated focusing Raman Microscope

Spectral resolution

5 cm-1

Spectral range

200-3800150-2600 cmOther wave ranges can be customized to a minimum of 50cm-1)

Spectral stability

σ/μ  < 0.5%  (COT 8 hours)

Temperature stability

Spectral shift≤1 cm-1(10-40  )




TEC refrigeration 2048 pixel CCD

Wavelength range


Pixel size


Detector dynamic range


Laser central wavelength

785nm (+/-1nm)

5-megapixel industrial camera

3 megapixel or 5-megapixel industrial camera

Focus mode

Conjugate focus

laser bandwidth

Laser bandwidth

Laser beam diameter


Laser stability

σ/μ <±0.2%

Laser bandwidth

0.1 nm

Communication mode



Fully-automated Raman experiment, auto-focusing, auto-scan 

Ultra-high sensitivity, SNR>6000:1

True confocal, accurate Raman mapping

Ultra-high spatial resolution

Unique software controlled to switch the optical path

Ultra-high stability

Brand optical element, excellent performance

Fast positioning, quickly locate the focal position

High-quality objective, micro spot

3-megapixel camera, crisp clear images

Excitation wavelength(Optional): 532、785、830、1064

High-performance spectrometer configured

USB2.0 in direct connect with PC


Nano particles and new materials

Science research Institutions 


Forensic identification

Material science

Medical immunology analysis

Agriculture and food safety

Waste water analysis

Gemstones and inorganic minerals identification

Environmental science

Q: When the user runs the device function, does the port corresponding to the spectrometer not be found?

Exit the OptoSpectra_for_RAMAN_v1.71 spectrum software. The user installs the STM32 USB to serial port driver. The driver path is “\Installation Package\USB to Serial Driver\dpinst_x86.exe”. After installing the USB to serial port driver, re-run the OptoSpectra_for_RAMAN_v1.71.exe program and find the port corresponding to the spectrometer in the open device port.

Q: The instrument has been collecting for too long. Why is there no result?

Check if the integration time is set too long or the average number of times is set too much. If it is not artificially set for a long time, the communication data line may be loose, resulting in communication interruption. Reconnect and connect the USB cable, power cable, etc. (re-install the driver), check whether the device is connected successfully on the right side of the software or click the acquisition successfully.

Q: Click to collect, unable to collect, how to choose the area / setting parameters?

You need to select the location you want to collect before each acquisition. No matter which version of the ATR8300 you purchased, if you purchase ATR8300-BS or ATR8300-AF, you can choose the point at will, every time you touch it. The same is true; if an area is selected using these two instruments, the instrument will continuously acquire at the same point.

The first acquisition must first set the parameters of the acquisition, according to the difficulty of the laser on the burn of the sample, to set the appropriate laser power and integration time (for example: biological, black, easy to absorb the sample set lower laser power (785nm excitation) The wavelength is recommended to be less than 50mw, and the excitation wavelength of 532nm is recommended to be 15mw or less)). For samples that are easy to burn and have a low Raman signal, it is recommended to use a lower laser power with a longer integration time.

Q: Why can't the software control the sample stage and not autofocus?

The ATR8300-BS and ATR8300-AF are not available for use with the control sample stage, while the ATR8300-BS is not capable of autofocus. You can't control the sample stage with the ATR8300-MP. You can check if the Step setting value is small (Step: 2000 is one rotation); confirm that the sample stage is not moving, try to power off the instrument and software, and re-plug the DB25 line ( White thick line), reopen the instrument and software.

Autofocus recommends that you manually adjust the stage to the focus position, which can greatly reduce the autofocus time. If you use a sample with uneven surface, it will also reduce the accuracy of autofocus.

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