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1064nm,785nm Portable Raman Spectrometer
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1064nm Portale Raman ATR3110-1064  is award-winner in CIOE, and as a new member of ATR3110 Series exclusively launched by Optosky in the domestic market. 1064nm has an advantage of fluorescence-free, non-destructive detection, and it gains popularity in fluorescence sample, biological sample, bacteria,  and fuel products in industries of scientific research, bioscience, pharmaceuticals. It employs 1064nm laser, Raman filter sets, high-sensitivity InGaAs array, TE-cooled, down to -10℃, resulting in optimized SNR and higher dynamic range.

1064nm can avoid fluorescence interference to be applied to many high fluorescent samples, such as dyes, inks, petroleum products, biological samples etc. ATR3110-1064nm covers spectral range of 200~65000px-1, spectral resolution of 13 cm-1. ATR3110-1064nm is designed with compact size, lightweight, and low consumption, so it can provide laboratory Raman detection at any places. It suits to scientific research in the laboratory for the accurate and reliable detect result. Its excellent low stray light enables spectrometers to be applied to a wide variety of sectors, especially in biochemistry analyzer, food safety, pharmaceutical engineering etc. Its multi-functional software promotes spectral analysis process in the application.


Measuring method is based on ASTM E2529-06;

Available in custom design, resolution can be increased by around 1/3, resulting in lower sensitivity;

Excitation light
Maximum power output
Power stability
semi peak width
Central wavelength
Raman system
Integration time
Operating temperature
Operating humidity < 95%
Spectral raliability
Temperature reliability
Spectral intensity change <±5% (in 5 ~ 40℃)
Cooled down to
Detector type
Spectral range
Effective pixels 512
Pixels dimension
Optical parameter
Signal-to-noise >3000:1
Dynamic range 80000:1
Optical configuration
Optical design
Focal distance
Electrical parameter
Raman probe
Operating distance
Blocking of filter
Numerical aperture 0.3


High sensitivity 512 pixels InGaAs array;

TE-cooled, down to -10℃,

Ultra-low noise circuit;

Powerful embedded software;

Fluorescence background elimination;

Peak finding and display;

USB 2.0;

User-friendly human and machine interface;



Pharmaceutical engineering

Forensic analysis

Agriculture and food safety

Gemstones identification

Environmental science

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