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350-2500nm VIS,NIR field Spectroradiometer
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ATP9110 series broadband field spectroradiometer is a new portable hyperspectral fieldSpec from Optosky. Wavelength range of 300nm-11um, suitable for geological research, mineral exploration, remote sensing, crop monitoring, forest research, oceanography and other fields of application.  

ATP9110 field spectroradiometer employs high performance, fast and accurate measurement, easy to operate and held etc. It's configured powerful software package, and applied to measurement of reflectance, radiometry, photometry and colorimetry

Detector type Linear CMOS detector / InGaAs detector
Detector model 300-1100 CM0S 2048 pixels 1100-1700 InGaAs TE 2nd class cooling 1100-2500 InGaAs TE 2nd class cooling 2.5-11μm: Pyroelectric linear array sensor(ZnSe)
field spectroradiometer
Spectral Range 300-11000nm
Spectral Resolution 0.8-1.4nm @ 756nm 7-12nm @ 1400&2100nm 30nm @ 2.5-5um 50um @ 5.5-11um ( Only use in ATP9110-110)
Spectral sampling (bandwidth) 0.4nm
Maximum radiance VNIR 2 times sun light/SWIR 10 times sun light
Integration time 1 – 10 s/ auto optimized integration time
Input 1.5m fiber beam (25°FOV),optional front camera change FOV, optional fiber lengths.
batteries >3H(outdoor), Battery replaceable
SNR 300-1000nm: >800, 1000-2500nm: >16000
wavelength accuracy ± 0.5nm @ VIS; ±1.1nm @SWIR; ± 5nm @ MWIR
Wavelength reproducibility ± 0.1nm@ VIS ± 0.5nm @ SWIR ±3nm @ MWIR
Raman Instrument
Screen 11.5inch HD screen capacitive screen
Laser Output 5 mW
Laser Linewidth 650 nm
system parameter
Size 410x260x280mm
Weight 5.8Kg
Electrical parameter
Interfaces TYPE-C3.0 /USB 3.0, blue/ wireless
power supply Built-in Li battery 10000maH, optional external 12V power supply/ car loaded power supply
Operating current 5000mA
Storage temperature -20°C ~ +65°C
Operating temperature -20 ~ 50 oC

Broad spectral range: 300nm-11um

High sensitivity, detector quantum efficiency reach up to 60%, NIR sensitivity is 40% higher than traditional PDA detector

Fast measure speed, one sampling time< 10ms;

Light weight and flexible optic fiber probe

Built-in secondary diffraction coating and filter, high accuracy;

Dynamic dark current correction, reduce noise;

Display probe inclined angles, laser indicator indicates probe direction, easy to adjust

Portable, special carrying case, easy to carry;

PC software control mode;

Geological research, prospecting

Remote sensing measurement

Crop monitoring

Forest research, oceanographic research




Fair resolution 300-2500nm FieldSpec


High resolution 300-2500nm FieldSpec


High resolution 300-1700nm FieldSpec


300-5000nm Ultra wide band FieldSpec


300-11μm Ultra wide band FieldSpec (Without 5-5.5μm)


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