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200-1100nm Low-noise Spectrometer
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Optosky ATP3000 is a low-noise, high-resolution, uncooled spectrometer. It employs 2048pixels CCD sensor spectral response covering UV to NIR wavelength. Readout speed reaches up to 10MHz, low noise signal process circuit, and fast and accurate spectral data collection.

ATP3000 supplies power directly via USB port and outputs data via USB2.0/UART, and it's convenient to apply integration.

Detector type Linear CMOS
Effective pixels 2048
Pixels dimension 14μm×200μm
Detector model Hamamatsu S11639
Sensitivity 1300 V/(lx•s)
Dark noise 13 RMS @ 13 ˚C
Optical parameter
Wavelength range 350-800nm, 200-400nm, 200-850nm, 200-1000nm, 600-1000nm, 800-1000nm
Optical resolution 0.06-2nm
Signal-to-noise >1000:1
Dynamic range 10000:1
Working temperature -10 to +50˚C
Numberical aperture 0.11
Working humidity < 90%NC
Trigger YES(IN and OUT)
Cooling temperature uncooled
Full Well NA
Scanning rate < 1 kfps
Optical configuration
Optical design f/4 crossed Czerny-Turner
Focal distance 77.5 mm for incidence / 112 mm for output
Incident slit 50 μm (5,10,25, 50,100,150,200 um are optional)
Incident Interface SMA905 connector or free space
Electrical parameter
Integration time 1 ms - 80 s
Interfaces USB 2.0
A/D conversion resolution 16bit
Supply voltage DC4.5 to 5.5 V (type @5V)
Operating current <350 mA
Storage temperature -30°C to +70°C
Operating temperature -10°c to + 50°c
Physical parameters
Dimension 170×110×52 mm^3, equal to 6.7×4.3×2 inch
Weight 0.38kg
Sealing Anti-sweat

Resolution: 0.01-2 nm

Detector pixels:2048

High sensitivity:1300V(lx.s)

Response range:from UV to NIR

Maximum readout speed:10MHz max

Optical path:crossed C-T

Integration time:1ms-65535ms

Power supply:USB port

Light input connector: SMA905 or free space

Data output connector:USB2.0(High speed) or UART


Small volume, fast spectrophotometer

Spectral analysis/Iradiance spectrophotometer analysis

Transmission, absorbance measurement

Reflectance detection


Laser wavelength measurement

UV, VIS, and NIR measurement

Q:What is the wavelength range?

A:Optosky is available for wavelength including 350-800nm,200-400nm,200-850nm,200-1000nm,600-1000nm,800-1000nm

Q:What is the sensitivity?

A:1300 V/(lx·s).And if you need,we have 0.01-2 nm corresponding to the different slit, spectral range.

Q:What is signal-to-noise ratio?

A:SNR  >1000:1

Q:What brand is used for the detector?

A:We use the Linear CMOS for it.

Q:Do you have the software interface for C++,Labview?

ATP3000 is equipped with SDK software for C++ ,Labview development.

Q:Do you have the software interface for Matlab development?

Not at present, if the customer has a bigger volume to support development, that's fine.

Q:How long is the spectrometer warranty?

Leading industrial warranty is three year, and OEM project is offered a one-year warranty.

Q:What is the price of the ATP3000?

A:ATP3000P prices range between USD4680~4980, please contact to quote.

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