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Scientific-class UV-Vis Spectrometer
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Optosky ATP6500 Fiber Optic Spectrometer employs ultra-high performance, scientific class, 2048 x 64 pixel, semiconductor-cooled down to-20℃ in room temperature, a high-speed, back-thinned CCD array, reduced dark current. It greatly reduces sensor noise resulting in almost 2 times higher SNR than other competitors. It increases measuring reliability, and measuring results are not changed with temperature.
Optosky tailor-designs ultra-low noise CCD signal processing circuit inside, resulting in first-class quantitative noise that is lower than 3 counts.
ATP6500 receive lights via SMA905 connector or free space, and it outputs spectrum data via USB2.0/UART.
ATP6500 requires only 5V DC supply, and convenient to apply integration.
Detector type back-thinned linear CCD (cooled down to -20ºC)back-thinned linear CCD (cooled down to -20ºC)
Spectral range 180-1100 nm
Effective pixels 1044×64pixels
Pixels dimension 24μm×24μm
Full well capacity 200 Ke-
Sensitivity 6.5 uV/e-
Dark noise 8 e-
Optical parameter
Wavelength range 180-1100nm
Optical resolution 0.01-1.3nm
Signal-to-noise >3000:1
Dynamic range >50000:1
Working temperature -10-45℃
Working humidity < 85%RH
Optical configuration
Optical design f/4 crossed asymmetrical Czerny-Turner
Focal distance 98 mm for incidence / 107mm for output
Incident slit 50 μm (5, 10, 25, 50, 100, or 200 μm optional)
Incident Interface SMA905 connector,free space
Electrical parameter
Integration time 1 ms - 130 second
Interfaces USB 2.0 (480MHz High speed)
A/D conversion resolution 18 bit
Supply voltage DC4.5 to 5.5 V (type @5V)
Operating current <3.2A
Storage temperature -20°C to +70°C
Physical parameters
Dimension 170×110×52 mm3
Weight 1.3kg
Sealing Anit-sweat

Detector:back-thinned CCD, cooled down to -15 ℃

CCD parameters:2048×64 pixels

Ultra-low noise CCD signal processing circuit

Ultra-high dynamic range

Ultra-low Etalon effect

Quantum efficiency>90%

Spectral range: 190-1100nm

Spectral resolution: 0.01-4nm(depend on spectral range, slit width)

Optical path:crossed Czerny-Turner (C-T)

Integration time:2ms-130s

power supply:DC 5V±10% @ <2.3A

18 bit, 570KHz A/D Converter

Entrance connector:SMA905 connector or free space

Output interface: high-speed USB2.0 or UART

20 pins, dual rows programmable extension connector

Biological fluorescence measurement

Raman spectrometer

Small volume, fast spectrophotometer;

Transmission & Reflectance measurement

What is the wavelength range?

ATP6500 is available in 350-800nm,200-400nm,200-850nm,200-1000nm,300-1100nm,600-1000nm

What is the sensitivity?

ATP 6500 6.5 uV/e-

What is the resolution?

Resolution of ATP6500 can be customized between 0.01-1.3 nm corresponding to the different slits and spectral range.

what is signal-to-noise ratio?

SNR of ATP5040 is   >3000:1.

what brands used for the detector?

CCD of ATP5040used Hamamatsu made in Japan, the best brand of CCD.

What is the size?

170mm×110mm×52mm, equal to 6.7×4.3×2 inch

What is the weight?


Do you have the software interface for C++?

ATP 6500 is equipped with SDK software for C++ development.

Do you have the software interface for Matlab development?

Not at the moment, if the customer has a bigger volume to support development, that's fine.

How long is the spectrometer warranty?

Leading industrial warranty is three year, and OEM project is offered a one-year warranty.

What is the price?

ATP 6500 prices range between USD16380, contact us.

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