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1064 Defender Super Fast ID
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ATR6600Pro is the most advanced new product launched by Optosky with 20 years of experience in developing Raman spectrometer. The 1064nm has the advantages of fluorescence resistance representing higher spectroscopy technology. Optosky's still one of few companies possing such technology with the highest performance approved by the customers worldwide.  ATR6600Pro uses a new design to attract attention by super-speed and ultra-light size, ATR6600 Pro upgrade ATR6600 to further speed up 4 times faster, which greatly improves operators working efficiency.  This patent technology exclusively possessed by Optosky.

  It features super-speed technology and lightweight, with a dimension of 199×99.8×39.5 mm and less than 950 g, and it is very convenient to carry. It can be used for rapid identification of drugs, precursor chemicals, explosives, jewelry jade, raw materials, and other materials passing the customs, public security, laboratories, workshops, warehouses, wharves, etc. And it can be used to quickly detect and identify additives, pesticide residues, veterinary drug residues in food.

 ATR6600Pro has an excellent built-in Raman spectroscopy recognition algorithm, which can detect substances indiscriminately, easily identify substances, and build users' own spectral database. It adopts an Android system with a simple and clear interface, a 5.5-inch HD screen, and a high-definition camera of 13-mega pixels, which can record and detect the scene picture at any time, with built-in WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS, and other modules, which are simple and intelligent.

Optosky provides full technical support and services, including spectral library building, method & verification, IQ/OQ/PQ validation, etc.

Public safety, food safety, pharmaceutical safety, rapid non-destructive testing, everything is in your control!

Order Guide:

field spectroradiometer
Spectral Range 200-2500 cm-1
Raman Instrument
Features Excel at Fluorescence Resistance
Raman Spectrometer System Parameters
Interface WIFI, USB Type-C, Bluetooth, GSM
Operating System Android
Operating temperature -20 – 50 ℃
Weight <950 g
Touch Screen 5.5 inches, 1920×1080, multi-touch
Export Report Test results report export pdf, txt including detect result, spectral info, evident pictures
Battery 4-6 h continuous operation
Charging Type USB Type-C
Library abundant library and self-build library database. KnowItAll or ST Japan
Raman Spectrometer Optical Parameters
Resolution 8-15 cm-1
Raman spectrometer Detector
Detector TE cooled InGaAs
Physical parameters
size 220×110×45mm
Raman Spectrometer Laser Parameters
Laser power 0-600 mW(Software adjustable)
Excitation Wavelength 1064 ± 0.5nm

  • The speed of ultra-fast recognition is four times higher than that of the third generation.
  •  1064nm stimulates light and reduces fluorescence interference;
  •  Loss-free, rapid detection, and identification, one-click operation;
  •  Precision algorithm for detecting mixtures;
  •  HD 5.5-inch capacitive touch screen with a superior sense of control;
  •  13-mega pixels HD cameras;
  •  Support barcode, QR code scanning;
  •  Accurate GPS positioning;
  •  support 4G, GSM, GPRS, Bluetooth, WI-FI and other communication methods;
  •  Support users to build their own genealogical library;
  •  The test results can generate reports and export them
  •  Endurance time of built-in lithium batteries: 4-6 hours
  •  super lightweight (950 g) is easy to carry.
  •  IP-67 dustproof and waterproof industry protection
  • Public Safety;
  • Food Safety;
  • Dangerous Chemicals Detect at High Speed Train,
    Metro Entrance
  • APIs & Pharmaceutical raw materials, excipients;
  • Gemstones & Materials Identification, Mineral sorting
  • Experimental Research;
  • Antique authentication;
  • Plastics/Polymer ID

       What is ATR6600 pro 1064nm handheld Raman Analyzer?

      1064nm Raman analyzer usually used in the lab, research institute, Universities in the industries of gemstones, geology, art & archeology, forensic, food safety, and environment, etc.
The ATR6600  Pro integrates all advantages of popular tool ATR6600 with less heat generation than BWtek NanoRam, and more compact than Rigaku Progeny. The ATR6600 Pro employs free space technology to reduce the fiber loss and change the traditional 1064nm slower test speed with 4 times faster test speed.

       What is ATR6600 pro 1064nm handheld Raman Analyzer?

       They are often used in a wide range of applications:

       It's used for application in public safety, forensic, biological science, pharmaceutical, forensic, agriculture, gemstone & minerals, and environmental engineering Wastewater detection,  Agricultural water content, protein, fat, fiber detection, Paper sorting, Online monitoring Chinese herb production, Solar cell detection, Food sorting and so on.

        What does ATR6600 pro 1064nm handheld Raman Analyzer tell you?

        Miniature Raman analyzer tells materials "fingerprint", unique spectrum tells identification of raw materials, narcotics, hazardous materials, chemicals, drugs, plastics, fluids, foods, gemstones, and plastics, etc.

        How does ATR6600 pro 1064nm handheld Raman Analyzer work?

           What's the handheld Raman spectrometer made of?  It makes of three components.  Firstly, a narrow linewidth laser generates excitation light going through the fiber and  Collimator mirror to form a parallel incident light,  Excitation light focus from here, and shoot on the sample. This is the sample to be detected. The sample absorbs excitation light energy and in happens the energy levels shift, then go through the ring-down process of generating new Raman light with a 360-degree scattering.  There are some portions of Raman scattering that can be collected by our objective lens,   Then reflected from here.  Through long pass filter  Rayleigh scattering,  then couple into inside fiber and spectrometer. Raman spectrometer is used to analyze the collected Raman signal,  Wavelength,  And intensity. Finally, it can get the Raman spectra  Signal.

        How to choose ATR6600 pro 1064nm handheld Raman Analyzer ?

     The ATR6600 Pro is exclusive provider by the Optosky, The super speed detect time improve the efficiency and the light weight to carry to field detect.

       How to choose a reliable brand of Handheld Raman spectrometer?

       1. Is it a Raman spectroscopy expert with a good reputation?

       2. Can the manufacturer provide a full range of series customization with rich industrial experience?

How's availability for the demo unit?

Optosky provides a demo unit for OEM customer tests.

Optosky provides Raman instrument fully to satisfy the test requirements.

Optosky provides online operation video training for local distributors.

Optosky provides sample test services for the customer.

What services and warranty guarantee?

Optosky provides good technical services to customers worldwide, and the company has 150 staff and 65% of them are engineers. We provide a 1-year warranty to customers worldwide.

How is the performance-to-price ratio?

Optosky represents the high-technology company with the positive advantage of providing high-performance spectrometer cost less, the lowest price does not represent poor performance. The capability of providing high performance cost less shall be an important qualification among fierce competition.

        Why choose OPTOSKY ATR6600 pro 1064nm handheld Raman Analyzer ?

        1st, OPTOSKY has 20-Year experience in developing Raman spectrometer, and cooperate with many Universities in the world.
        2nd, OPTOSKY is in honor of China National Standards drafter of Raman spectrometer.
        3rd, Industry-leading warranty guarantee, and technical support.
        4th, Award-winner, and super performance and reliability.
        5th, High performance-cost less, Powerful embedded software, User-friendly human-machine interface;

        Where to buy a miniature 1064nm Raman analyzer?

        Optosky Raman is available for buying from local distributors, online shopping, or contact manufacturer.

        How much does a miniature 1064nm Raman analyzer cost?

        OEM miniature spectrometer prices differ with different quantities, contact us for detailed discussion.

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